October 1, 2016

Spanish Embassy in Edinburgh


About the Spanish Embassy

Applying to get a Spanish visa, passport or any kind of help in terms of information and assistance to Spanish citizens can be accessed at the Spanish embassy in Edinburgh. With the world class services offered at the consulate, ones diplomatic needs are well catered for. The Spanish embassy in Edinburgh offers a wide range of legal and administrative services similar to those effected and are valid in Spain. In this way, links and relationships between the Spanish nationals and foreign nationals who have links with Spain are formed.

The Spanish embassy in Edinburgh offers a wide variety of services to Spanish citizens and other nationalities who intend to travel to Spain for work or pleasure. At the embassy, Spanish passports are issued. In the event of loss, theft or expiry of the passport and other personal documents, a safe-conduct is issued by the embassy. The Spanish embassy in Edinburgh also provides information to potential visitors of Spain on the country’s educational, legal and medical services incase one might need them.

Assistance incase of arrest of a Spanish citizen in Scotland is also provided at the Spanish embassy in Edinburgh. In some cases, one may be advanced with a certain amount of money to help in his repatriation by the embassy. This amount however must be reimbursed to the treasury department in Spain upon repatriation within the time limits specified and established by the law. The embassy can also provide registry office or notary services, forward communications and different petitions to Spanish institutions and even legalize documents that may be required by the traveler or Spanish citizen.

The Spanish embassy in Edinburgh issues three different types of visas depending on the type of journey one intends to take. They are the airport visa which allows the one to cross the international transit zone of a airport in Spain, short stay visa which allows one in transition through or be in Spanish territory and all other Schengen states for a period not exceeding 90 days and the national visa that allows one reside, work, conduct researches and study in Spain. However different procedures for application of visas apply for different types of visas.

With the professional and well trained consular staff at the Spanish embassy in Edinburgh, one is bound to find a service that would be classified as first class. Here, one can get all the answers he needs to know about procedures relating to Spain. It is however important to note that the embassy does not act as a travel agency. To make all travel preparations one will have to visit a travel agency that is fully acclimatized to destinations in Spain. The embassy is also not entitled to look for employment for anyone abroad. One is also not guaranteed by the Spanish embassy in Edinburgh to better treatment in prisons and hospitals than is accorded to nationals of Spain and vice versa. Incase of any inquiries it is important to ask questions as the Spanish embassy in Edinburgh will not be held liable for any inconveniencies that one may encounter.